Hello 2021! Stop Planting Your Seeds Outside Your Faith Garden

As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.”  Genesis 9:7 NIV

Welcome to 2021!   What a year this is going to be.   Are you ready to really walk by faith and not by sight?  I am.   Here is how we are going to do it.

  1. Let’s start by speaking Spiritual Affirmation’s every day. What did God say he will do for you?  Read it, write it, speak it, live it.
  2. Stop planting our faith seeds outside God’s garden. When we believe God will do a thing, trust that he will and then walk that path.  Stop telling everyone what God said he will do, get excited…talk the talk, but never walk that direction.   You my dear are spilling your seeds.
  3. Stop dropping hints to everyone about your needs. Especially to those who you think can help you meet those needs; God’s got you. When you keep dropping hints…you are planting your faith seeds on thorny ground.   Trust that when you have relationship with God, he knows your needs and even better, he knows what seeds you have, because he gave them to you.   By the way, those seeds really belong to him.  Use your faith to allow his seeds to grow in your hands.
  4. Acknowledge God every day. Tell him THANK YOU for doing what he said he will do and has done.  Just because you do not see it, it does not mean it’s not already done.
  5. Praise God with sincerity, go ahead, shout out your clothes if you have too. I know people will want to know why you are rejoicing, just share about the goodness of God.  Do not spill your seeds too soon thus allowing someone else to pick them up and plant them in their garden before they have taken deep root in yours.  God has enough seeds to go around, point them to him to get their own packet.
  6. Know when to testify about it. Don’t propagate too soon.   As your faith garden grows, breaks ground, and begins to mature, it’s OK to testify about it.  But there is a way to propagate but do it from the growing plant, not the seed.  Have you ever known someone to snip you a piece of their flower seed and tell you to plant it?  No, they always cut from the green vine, give you instructions on how to water, tell you how to let it take root, and once it does then you can plant it so that it will grow strong enough for you to snip and share.
  7. Remain dedicated to your, Faith, Family, and Friends. It works.

Faith full women of God,   God said it best, be fruitful and multiply.  I am excited to see and hear how God moves for you across this new year.

Lady K!