Can Your Faith be seen?

“And Jesus seeing their faith…” – Matthew 9:2

“According to your faith….” – Matthew 9:29

“Thy faith hath made thee whole”….Matthew 9:22


Here we have three separate excerpts from Biblical passages that provide proof that faith can be seen.   These are not the only scriptural texts providing examples of visible faith, I could list more but the truth I really wish to share is that it is not enough to simply say you have faith, and to simply believe you have faith; real faith can be seen through the actions we take.  

Take a closer look at the image.    What do you see?   I see a person (Person 1) climbing to a higher level.    Person 1 appears to be very lean and is not wearing a lot of  heavy garments.   What is more important is that I see another person (Person 2) who has already ascended to the place where Person 1 is headed.    Person 1 appears to be holding on, maintaining balance in the current spot while reaching up to go higher.   Person 2 is stable and I imagine confidently reaching back to assist Person 1 and almost encourage him that this mountain can be ascended.   The place where this scene looks beautiful and has elements of risk and apparent danger, but yet, Person 1 perseveres upward away from one level to the next. 

To me, the image graphically displays what real faith looks like.   It is a reminder to me that movement from what may seem comfortable, normal and routine is sometimes both beautiful and intimidating.   I am also reminded that God has not given me a spirit of fear, he has given me power, he has given me love, and a sound mind that enables me to think clearly.  God stands as Person 2, helping me along my life’s journey; but there must be movement on my end.  What do you see in the image?

Today I encourage you to step up and out to let your faith be seen.   Do something that may not be comfortable trusting God for wisdom, guidance, and direction.  This week, let your faith be seen through your actions.

I would love to hear your testimonies of the faith actions you took.   Please share in the comments below.

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