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Letting God See Me Naked

Letting God See Me Naked – The Book is the written testimony of one woman that mirrors the unspoken testimony of many people. Karen, like so many others, has had a life full of events that caused her to live life hidden behind shame, embarrassment, and an unforgiving heart. In this book, she discloses the events and circumstances of her life and how these situations kept her from fulfilling her true purpose and destiny. Accomplished in business and in her personal life, Karen had an external look that tried to mask the internal turmoil she felt from the circumstances of life. Through Letting God See Me Naked, Karen speaks to the feelings that we experience when tragedy or victimization occurs and the bad choices we often make to subside the filth and residue left by sin. Karen writes so that the reader is sensitive to the pain she has experienced and enables them to recognize how God can heal, deliver, and set those who are captive to their past lives free. She openly shares how she survived the impact drugs and alcohol has on a family, codependency, verbal and physical abuse, low self-esteem, and other tragedies and she reveals how God blessed her to overcome each situation. As pain is replaced with purpose, fear is replaced with faith, and tragedy is replaced with trust, Karen helps others reclaim the self-assurance of God’s love, peace protection, and guidance. This book, one woman’s personal testimony, is just a small glimpse of how God can take anything that has happened in our lives and use it for His Glory. Letting God See Me Naked The Workbook Companion. Follow along with the author creating your own journal of discovery as you write your testimony and path towards deliverance.

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