So Amazing!

God is…so amazing.  Have you ever just stopped to think about that?  I was working with a business partner just last week who is now on another continent still sending me emails.   I was blessed to see the excitement of a Malawi village and its residents celebrate and sing praises for the digging of a water well via Social Media.  Watching a video but definitely felt like I was there…right there in the moment.   My children recently setup an online video chat for my mom who has a smart phone but not the one everyone else has and now she can talk face to face with her grands.   All of this through the power of technology.  All of this through the power of innovation.  But wait, we would be remiss to think man came up with all of this on his own.   Not so.  There is NOTHING new under the sun.   God has been doing amazing things since before time began.  It’s the same work, we just get to experience its power on a new realm each and everyday.   But here is the big deal with all of this.   He still creates, just through us.   What amazing thing can you accomplish for God’s glory, using his power and his strength?   See the key?  His power, his strength, his might, his spirit.  Your work.  His glory.   All he needs is our YES and action.   That right, we can have all the faith in the world but if we never move or take action, it means nothing.

What amazing thing is waiting to be invented, what incredible problem is ready to be solved, what awesome testimony is waiting to be given…simply because of your Faith in Action and simply because; our God is just so Amazing?

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