Goodbye Fear and Hello Faith!

Most of us were introduced to faith at birth but became aware of faith by way of some great adversity in life. When we spoke our first words we babbled, we slurred, we drooled, and no one questioned our ability nor capability. The more we come to know fear, the less relationship we have with faith. You don’t have to look far to find faith, she has been with you waiting for you to catch up along the way.

Goodbye Fear and Hello Faith!

What is faith and how do I meet her?

Ready? Set? Go! It’s time to change partners. It’s time to let go of fear and move forward in faith. We all have a measure of faith. It has been with us from birth. For some our faith increases with action, for others, well….it’s progress is blocked by fear. Let me give you two examples. First, remember the fear you had when you took your very first step? Of course not, because you really didn’t know much about fear then. No ONE questioned that you could do it; it was just a matter of when you WOULD do it. It was just second nature to walk. Just do it and you did. In contrast, is my second example; do you remember the first time you mispronounced a word and someone publicly corrected you? Yes, I’m sure you can recall the exact moment. That’s because fear showed up and he brought his cousins embarrassment, shame, and failure. When fear shows up, he usually shuts the door to faith. So how do we get past the fear to welcome faith?

1. STOP making fear comfortable in your life. Just imagine a guest that has overstayed her welcome in your home. What happens if you begin to yawn, put on PJ’s, turn of the lights…you get the point? So will she. Well the same thing goes for fear. Turn off the lights. Stop allowing fear to stop your momentum. Shift and change your view. Visualize your goal and not the obstacles along the way. See the goal and you will always find a way around the obstacles; there’s really usually more than one.

2. STOP talking about the things you are afraid of; spend time talking about the things that bring you joy. Find ways to be grateful for what you have. No matter how bad your situation is; can you believe there is really someone who has a greater problem? A worse situation? Well, there is. I know it sounds strange but thank God for the problems you do have knowing things could be worse. Celebrate and praise God for your present situation just knowing better is just ahead.

3. START looking for ways to grow your faith. Do the things that you thought you could never do or were afraid to do. My friend, Ms. Pat, wanted to learn how to swim throughout her childhood but was afraid to do so. Then one day, at the age of 59, Ms. Pat decided was invited to join a senior swim class. Stepping out on faith, that it was never too late, she took the classes and found that her fears were unfounded…water was really her friend and she simply had to learn how to maneuver in the pool. The most surprising part of her story was that she was not the oldest in the class; there was another late swimmer who was 72! Not only did Ms. Pat learn how to master swimming, she begin to coach other seniors to get over their fears just by sharing her own testimony. As long as you are still living, it’s never too late to step out and do the things you fear most. Someone is waiting to hear your testimony.

4. START by taking small steps. It doesn’t matter how far you stretch your faith; nor how much faith you have. What matters most is that you take some action. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Just imagine that you are given a task of making apple pie but first needed a basket full of the fruit. Question: If the tree is full of apples and they are all ripe enough for the pie, does it matter if you pick the low hanging fruit? Answer: No, all that matters is that you fill your basket. Don’t limit your faith by measuring how much of it you have or comparing your faith to the faith of others. Faith without action means nothing. Don’t worry about the small steps; your stride will come.

Challenge: Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. On the top side, write down three things you fear the most. On the inside of the paper, write down as many things that you can think where you can grow your faith to overcome these fears. Next, reverse the order. Make sure the things you fear are on the inside and your faith list is on the outside. For one week; only look at the list on the outside.

Don’t focus the fear inside. After one week, revisit the things your feared the most and cross off any where you have found a solution that contradicts the validity of that fear. Tell me how it goes, I would love to hear your successes!

Remember, Mustard Seed Faith Can Move Mountains!

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